Top 5 Takeaways From Customer Summit

Last week’s Egnyte Exchange Virtual Customer Summit gave our customers the opportunity to hear about the latest content governance trends and challenges, plus get a sneak peek at what’s up and coming in the Egnyte roadmap that meets those challenges head-on. In case you missed it, here are 5 key takeaways from our experts at Summit:

Remote working isn’t going anywhere (and never was). Even before COVID, remote working was on the rise. But the recent boom in remote working has shown many businesses the feasibility of working from anywhere, and there’s no putting the lid back on that box. In his Collaboration and Data Governance in Life Sciences session, VP of Life Sciences Alok Tayi shared how the Life Sciences/Biotech industry is evolving through remote work, increasing cross-organization collaboration and access to talent like never before.

Content sprawl is a rampant risk. As more remote workers are enabled with collaboration and content tools, data sprawl has become a huge risk. As shared by VP of Compliance & Governance Jeff Sizemore and Director of Corporate Marketing Brittany Carambio in our State of Data Governance session, 76% of IT execs are concerned about unstructured data sprawl, and more than half say remote work is the main culprit. (Interested in more from the 2020 Data Governance Trends Report? Check it out here.)

Collaboration needs governance. There’s no arguing that enabling more and better collaborations benefits businesses. But the results of more collaboration, like unstructured content sprawl, content sharing with external partners, compliance and security risks, can’t be left ungoverned. In his session demonstrating the full capabilities of the Egnyte platform, Chief Product Officer Ramin Farassat showed customers how collaboration features and governance tools work together to create a content environment that is both accessible AND secure.

Automation is more than a trend. Keeping up with the amount of content that’s being generated by most organizations and increasing regulatory demands is a big ask, and wrangling large amounts of data manually creates opportunities for human error and vulnerabilities. That’s why we were excited to unveil features like Smart Cache, Document Type Classification and Content Lifecycle Analytics (more on that in a moment), and why we devoted an Ask the Expert session to automating your everyday workflows.

Egnyte’s focus is on providing our customers with “Any Device, Any App, Anywhere.” At our State of Egnyte keynote, our leaders unveiled what’s ahead with new capabilities focused on enabling our customers to work safely, securely and easily no matter where they are. From securing email and beefing up encryption to automated document classification and archival, we’re letting the trends and needs guide our roadmap and coming out with some incredible tools to help our customers eliminate risk while they get more done.


We loved connecting with our customers who were able to join us for the two-day Summit and we’re already putting a plan together for the next one. If you missed the sessions, you can register to watch them on-demand, and we encourage you to keep an eye on Egnyte Exchange and our monthly newsletter for more product updates, events and more.

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Amanda Salem

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