Scaling and Cloud Enabling Your Existing Infrastructure

As part of the Professional Services team at Egnyte, our primary objective is to enable a new customer in deployment and to technically configure Egnyte within their existing infrastructure and based on their unique requirements. I work directly with our customers over the phone, onsite and on the road, and many of them face similar pain points in their business environments that I get to help solve every day.

With most customers, they have a need to manage a large amount of data that resides locally. Customers need local, high-speed access to all of their business files so users don’t have to waste time waiting for a file to download or upload to the cloud or clog bandwidth when sharing large files. Egnyte provides a perfect balance of leveraging on-premise and cloud storage, and with our Storage Sync line of products, my team can easily take local storage and cloud enable it.

But, what does “Cloud Enabled” really mean?

Here’s a great example: Let’s say you have four terabytes of business data sitting on your local file server. Your office and team has outgrown its current location, and at this point, you need to have the same set of data in a second or third office available in all locations. With Egnyte Storage Sync, the effort it takes to keep data updated between sites is all part of the solution. Your company can choose what data syncs to the Egnyte cloud and what subset of that same data syncs back down to any company site - on your own timeframe.

Scaling and Cloud Enabling Your Existing Infrastructure - Egnyte Blog

Scaling and Cloud Enabling Your Existing Infrastructure

Another great benefit is the ability to sync files and data between completely different hardware platforms. For example, I have a customer who has two main locations for their engineering staff. One location is in California and the other is in China. Both of these offices have different back-end storage devices, but with Egnyte, the customer is able to securely sync the engineering data between the two sites without any concern over hardware dependencies.

And, our integrations with numerous storage vendors including NetApp, EMC, Netgear and Synology make that possible. While Egnyte will work on any storage system that is VMWare-ready, we also have the ability to do some really cool integrations above and beyond the standard VMWare deployment.

Many customers have storage systems such as NetApp or EMC in their HQ office, but in their smaller branch offices, they just cannot justify the cost and IT resources required to host these expensive systems in smaller sites. We have a simple plug-in on Netgear devices that allows for IT to simply ship a NAS device to a remote site and users will have local, high-speed access to their data with all the value-add of Egnyte Sync running natively in the NAS device. Many of our customers take advantage of two or more different Egnyte Storage Sync options, depending on their infrastructure needs and requirements for the business.

It’s exciting to work with our customers and help make their work lives easier. Our customers have the ability to access their business-critical data regardless of their location, storage type or device options. No other cloud storage provider has the capability and features that enterprises require to maintain business continuity. Egnyte is a platform upon which any enterprise can build out a multi-office, global workforce and world-wide collaboration system that is scalable to meet the demands of the business.

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*Matthew Stramel is a product expert & professional services manager at Egnyte. Be sure to follow him on Twitter: @mattstramel.

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