We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership and product integration with Synology that will benefit small to mid-sized business customers. Together, Synology and Egnyte are delivering an integrated solution that provides more flexibility over your on-premise storage to enhance user experience and mobility, while maintaining security and control over business files. We’ll be demoing the integration at the Consumer Electronics Show this week at booth number 36901 in LVCC, South Hall 4.

Thegnyte-and-synology-synce integration allows users to easily collaborate on projects by using Egnyte to share, sync, and store files from the cloud on a local NAS device. Construction teams, for example, can set up a Synology Diskstation at a jobsite, and teams can work locally on massive CAD drawings accessed through Egnyte’s Web UI or our mobile apps. This increases productivity, cuts down on graphics reproduction and makes sharing large files less cumbersome. When ready, users can sync the files back to Egnyte, and dispersed team members can access and manage those files from any location and on any device. They spend less time dealing with clogged networks that are often choked by cloud-only solutions and can instead focus on getting work done.

Additionally, growing businesses can deploy Egnyte on multiple Synology DiskStations across numerous offices, enabling them to connect the devices together under one central cloud access point. This helps employees in distributed offices and in the field work seamlessly together as if they’re in the same location. Realty firms and advertising agencies regularly work with high-res images and videos across remote offices and on-the-go. The Egnyte integration with Synology combines the convenience of local access with the mobility of the cloud, making it easier to share and collaborate on large project files with co-workers and clients alike.

The cloud is not enough when it comes to sharing and storing business-critical data, and this partnership enables businesses to use a combination of on-premise storage and the cloud to best fit your unique business needs. If you’re at CES, drop by the Synology booth to see our demo!

More information on the integration can also be found here. The native integration of Egnyte Storage Sync with Synology DiskStation line of NAS products will be generally available in Q1 2014.


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