Product Spotlight: What’s New & Upcoming

2014 is starting out strong here at Egnyte. We’re thrilled to introduce new product enhancements for users and admins, along with a few features in the works that will be available in early February. Below are the highlights of the latest and greatest; be sure to also check out our Helpdesk for a full deep dive on these features.

What’s New:Enhanced Usability & CollaborationImproved Folder Notifications: Most Egnyte users have access to hundreds or even thousands of Shared Folders but may only spend time accessing a handful of those folders. The new shared folder notifications system allows users to set notification policies for specific folders and filter out notifications by type.Account Switching: Many of our customers have separate Egnyte accounts for each business unit. It’s now easy to switch between numerous Egnyte accounts by selecting an account from a dropdown menu that will appear at the top of the screen. A simple click takes you into different accounts, eliminating the need to sign in to multiple accounts to access all of your data.

Product Spotlight: What’s New & Upcoming  - Egnyte Blog

Folder Templates for Salesforce Integration: Users can define a set of template folders for each particular object type (including Custom Objects). These are then automatically created under the record's root folder each time a new record of that type is created in Salesforce.

Mobility ImprovementsNew Android App: Whether a users is snapping a quick photo of a whiteboard drawing or recording progress at a jobsite, they typically use our mobile app to capture and store photos for work. Among other enhancements, our new Android App incorporates a sleek gallery view to quickly and more efficiently flip through large amounts of images.

Product Spotlight: What’s New & Upcoming  - Egnyte Blog

New Core Product Functionality  The New Desktop Sync 8.0: The latest version of Desktop Sync includes features that will benefit the average user, such as a new ability to send private links directly from the desktop, and enhanced syncing capabilities. We’ve also delivered labor-saving features for admins, including a remote configuration file to standardize sync settings across a large population of users.Storage Sync 9.0: Great news for admins! We released a new version of Storage Sync for NETGEAR ReadyNAS 4.0 boxes, ReadyNAS 6.0 boxes and VMWare virtual machines. Storage Sync 9.0 packs many under-the-hood improvements that will enhance sync scalability, performance and reliability.

What’s Next:

Email-Based Login: This feature is ideal for our mid-size to large enterprise customers that have more than one Egnyte account. For example, if you’re an admin at a large media company, you will be able to log in with your email address and choose any of the accounts to which you have access, rather than having to remember a username for each account.Preview for Shared File Links: A user may receive a Shared File link from another colleague, but he isn’t sure if he needs to spend the time downloading it or not. This new feature will allow users to preview files on the Link Download page, including images, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, audio and video files.Public Link Tracking: In previous product updates, this notification email only contained the IP address and geographic information of the person who clicked the link. In an upcoming release, we will provide the email address of the person who clicked the link. This addresses a common scenario where a user sends a link to five people and receives three “link clicked” emails but isn’t able to tell which three people actually clicked the link.SAML SSO Support for Outlook: This will allow users to authenticate in the Outlook Add-In through any supported SSO IdP.All of these new features will be available in early February. Be sure to also check the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more details on functionality or product updates. Have any other product questions? This forum can also help you out!

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