Pride Month: Celebrating Change and Reflecting on Challenges

Since the Stonewall uprising in New York in June 1969, the world has celebrated the LGBTQIA+ pioneers who paved the way for equal rights for all. Over that time, we’ve come a long way toward equal rights in the workplace in the United States, but there is still work to be done here and around the world.     

More than half (50.4%) of LGBTQIA+ workers in the U.S. are not out to their supervisors and over a quarter (25.8%) are not out to anyone at work. In addition, more than a third (34.2%) of LGBTQIA+ employees report leaving a job because the work environment did not accept LGBTQIA+ people. (Click here to view these and other statistics on LGBTQIA+ workplace issues.)

Egnyte recognizes there is still work to do and strives to spread awareness of workplace inequalities and the fears of the LGBTQIA+ workforce. We are constantly working to do better and create policies that are inclusive for all.   

Pride At Egnyte

The diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise of Egnyte’s employees are foundational to the company’s success. All employees are respected and valued for their individual talents, thoughts, and experiences. Diversity and inclusion of all is something that we strive to live every single day. This June, we proudly stand up in solidarity to celebrate Pride inside our company and in our communities.    

The highlight of this celebration of diversity has been a global conversation in which a handful of Egnyte’s LGBTQIA+ employees shared their coming out stories and experiences in the workplace. As part of the talk, an ally also shared how she supported her loved ones that are part of the community.

The conversation was an opportunity for attendees to learn from and connect with speakers who discussed their fears and doubts leading up to coming out, as well as the support they received afterward. It was great to see over 125 Egnyte employees come together and show support for our LGBTQIA+ workforce, and it was reflective of the progress that’s been made, as well as the work that remains to spread equality to everyone.

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