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Impact is such a big word, so often used by leaders, teams, and organizations. Impact is defined as having a strong effect on someone or something. That could include building innovative new products, finding new customers, increasing productivity, or delivering operational excellence for our valued customers; there are many ways to impact the workplace. On rare occasions, you discover “impact players” who stand out and make life easier for everyone around them. As the longest-tenured Egnyter of the training team, Katelynd Trinidad, our Strategic Business Development Manager, checks all the boxes of someone making an impact. Being the “go-to” person in the training team, she can be trusted to accomplish excellent results with tight deadlines. The team relies heavily on her input to deliver extraordinary results for our customers and employees. No matter what, Katelynd always delivers a quality end result on time. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Katelynd and ask her a few questions about her position at Egnyte and how she has grown in her career. Katelynd exemplifies our core value of “Invested Relationship,” and we are proud to call her an impactful Egnyter.

Tell us about your role at Egnyte.

I create engaging training materials for Egnyte University and product demos for the larger product growth and adoption efforts at Egnyte. I also deliver private training sessions and live webinars for our customers. It’s fun to build a relationship of trust with our customers.

Tell us about your previous experience and why you chose Egnyte.

Egnyte was my first professional work experience outside of university. I started as a Sales Development Representative on the sales team but transitioned to the training team, which fit my personality and skills better. The opportunities at Egnyte have been fantastic, and the people have been great to work with.

As the face of Egnyte University, what impact does this resource have on our customers?

Egnyte University houses key resources for both users and admins of Egnyte customers so they can learn how to get the most out of the platform. Our vast library includes dozens of on-demand courses, live webinars, and over 140 Quick Tips showcasing helpful how-to's, new product features, and more. Egnyte University is entirely complimentary for our customers and has everything they need to be successful in Egnyte!

You journeyed from our Spokane, Washington office to our Reading, England office; how has that transformed your career at Egnyte? What are you learning that is supporting you in making a more significant impact?

Before moving to the UK, I worked with many of our customers outside the States, but living here has helped establish my global perspective. To date, I have conducted training for customers all over the UK, Australia, Finland, Belgium, and more. Working with these customers allows me to understand better cultural differences to serve their needs. Being on the ground with our customers and interacting with them in person enables me to see the impact I make with them and how Egnyte serves their needs as a company.

Tell us why you love working at Egnyte.

The people at Egnyte are incredible. I love my team and the other teams I work with. From sales to customer success to product, the connections I’ve gained at Egnyte are irreplaceable, and everyone is lovely and supportive of one another!

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