Moneyball for Marketing Podcast: Featuring Egnyte’s CMO Isabelle Guis

Data analysis is fast becoming one of the most important strategic tools in a marketer’s tool chest. Marketing intelligence truly shines when a company fully understands the profiles and behaviors of existing customers and anonymous potential buyers based on this rich set of data.While it can be a daunting task for CMOs to create a data strategy that serves multiple constituents and produces a return on investment, it’s critical today more than ever to effectively leverage this data to stay competitive in the fast-paced, ever-changing business environment.With all of the incredible changes happening in organizations around big data and marketing technology, our Chief Marketing Officer, Isabelle Guis, recently participated in the Moneyball for Marketing podcast hosted by Crimson Marketing to share insights on her experience building and executing a business-driven marketing analytics organization.Interested in learning how to achieve real-time ROI with a solid data analytics strategy? Tune into the podcast here.

Moneyball for Marketing Podcast: Featuring Egnyte’s CMO Isabelle Guis - Egnyte Blog
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