March Product Spotlight: What’s New & What’s Next

It’s been another busy month here at Egnyte! The product team has been busy working on delivering some cool new features and functionality based on customer feedback and needs we’ve seen across the market. Here’s a quick look at the top new features, along with what will be released over the next few weeks.

What's New

Virus Scan for Upload Links: Egnyte performs virus scans on all files being uploaded via Upload Links. Since users can collect files from external collaborators without having an Egnyte account (such as professors collecting homework or contractors soliciting bids), this new functionality ensures that those files being uploaded through these links aren’t infected.

March Product Spotlight: What’s New & What’s Next - Egnyte Blog

Customizable Timezones: Users can now customize their time zones so that reports and email notifications will appear in that chosen time zone.

March Product Spotlight: What’s New & What’s Next - Egnyte Blog

File Size Increase: Our public API now allows users to upload files up to 10 GB in size (subject, of course, to your plan’s file size limits). This makes it easier to share and store large files through our integrations with third-party apps.

March Product Spotlight: What’s New & What’s Next - Egnyte Blog

What's Next

Revamped Folder Link Pages: It’s easy to send public links to recipients (including non-Egnyte users). All recipients can click the links that direct them to a specific Egnyte folder, where they can download the contents of that folder. We’re working on a comprehensive redesign of the Folder Link function that will include a new layout with a mobile-friendly design, thumbnails for images, and preview for file types such as Office documents, images, and videos.

Storage Connect Updates: The next version of Storage Connect is on its way. We’re adding in bookmarks and private links for increased security, along with a few additional enhancements. We’ll also enable customers to use Storage Connect as a standalone product.Mobile Enhancements: The upcoming version of our mobile app will be filled with great new features, including email-based login, along with improved offline file capabilities that allow users to download a full folder (including all files in subfolders) and greater reliability when uploading files on unstable networks.Outlook Updates: We're planning to announce updates to our Outlook integration in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!Expanded File Link Pages: Today, when you send a file link, your recipient will see a preview of the shared file. We're adding a new option for a full screen preview.Be sure to also check the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more details on functionality and product updates. Have any other product questions? This forum can help quickly get the answers you need.

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