Making an Impact: Deborah Chang

Our company is built on people, or as we affectionately call them, Egnyters. Egnyters come from various backgrounds and experiences and each have a unique story to tell.

From being the “glue” of her team and leading our Early in Career Network -- one of our many Egnyte Employee Communities (EEC) -- Deborah Chang has paved the way for new ways to connect and positively impact employees on a global scale. She is unafraid to make a difference and inspire others to do the same. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Deborah and ask her a few questions about her position at Egnyte and how she has grown in her career. With professionalism and a contagious commitment to our company, Deborah is making an impact every day at Egnyte.

Tell us about your role at Egnyte.

My name is Deborah Chang, and I’m a Sr. Marketing Analyst at Egnyte. My role helps the marketing team make data-driven decisions for their programs and ensure they have visibility into their performance. I enjoy providing the necessary support for them to view the ROI on their programs across the marketing funnel to optimize campaigns.

Tell us about your previous experience and why you chose Egnyte!

I had a similar role before at a software company; I had just graduated from school, which gave me a good foundation, but at Egnyte, I knew I could grow, work cross-functionally, learn, and take on new challenges.

You also lead our Egnyte Employee Community called Early in Career Network. What is the Early in Career Network, and what are your plans with the group?

We aim to connect Egnyters across different stages of their professional development. Even though we focus on early-in-career folks, we include everyone in various career stages. We aim to empower each other through networking events, mentorship programs, and speaking sessions.

In addition to what we're doing now, I want more engagement and in-person networking events and workshops.

How has that allowed you to build your career?

I have developed many skills leading the Early in Career Network. For one, I am working cross-functionally with other groups and have more exposure to different roles and departments in the company. The network has helped me to build my leadership and communication skills through driving events and partnering with speakers/teams to set up different programs.

Tells us why you love working at Egnyte!

I love the opportunities to keep learning and growing - it’s never a dull moment.  I’m grateful to have a lot of support in my career growth from my manager. I enjoy the flexibility of working cross-functionally with intelligent and talented people.

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