Introducing Egnyte's Smart Reporting and Auditing

At Egnyte, we continually talk with our customers to understand how they're using our solution and collect feedback to enhance our offering. Some recurring questions have come up:

  • Can you help me understand the behaviors of my users?
  • Can you help me avoid potentially harmful activities within our system?
  • Can you help me comply with corporate or regulatory requirements?

We've always been able to look at the data and help, but we wanted to do even more. Today we’re happy to announce Smart Reporting and Auditing. This new, powerful service provides you with actionable intelligence, so you can take control of your content sharing system. We've been working hard on Smart Reporting and Auditing to make it easier for you to address questions like the ones listed above, instantly.Watch how organizations like yours are benefitting from this service: visual analytics about how your content is accessed provide you with a better understanding of user behavior. For instance, you can now see the number of logins by device type that have taken place over the last month. If most of your users are based in the office, the vast majority of logins should be via desktop applications. But what if you see a large number of mobile user logins? This may be a usage pattern that you need to address. Armed with this information, you can now define better Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM), introduce new training, or perhaps devise a permissions policy.

Introducing Egnyte's Smart Reporting and Auditing- Egnyte Blog

Customers want help keeping their systems safe and secure. It’s much easier now with Smart Reporting and Auditing. For example, the Smart Report below shows the number of files both created and downloaded. The top user has downloaded ten times more files than the fourth highest ranked user. Abnormal behaviors can point to potential security breaches, like an employee leaving the company or a recently hacked account. This information allows you to dig deeper to find out why — and if necessary — be proactive and take immediate action.

Introducing Egnyte's Smart Reporting and Auditing- Egnyte Blog

IT professionals and executives also wonder how content is kept secure externally. Smart Reporting & Auditing for link access can help. Notice on the report below that nearly half of the shared links in this domain are accessible by anyone, without even requiring a password. Some documents are supposed to be accessible to anyone (e.g., marketing flyers), but it could also be that some users aren’t adhering to your policies (e.g., contract files in an insurance company). Now that you are aware of a possible issue, you can dig deeper and take the necessary actions — disabling link sharing without a password, changing default system settings, or conducting additional employee training.

Introducing Egnyte's Smart Reporting and Auditing- Egnyte Blog

These are just a few of the exciting new capabilities that are part of Smart Reporting and Auditing. Imagine what this service can do for you. If you are already an Egnyte customer, it’s available to you now at no extra cost. If you are new to Egnyte, sign up for a free trial and start making a difference for your organization today!

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