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Today we announced the availability of Egnyte Key Management™ a new offering intended to give our customers the most choice for industry-leading security and privacy.The way we manage and secure our data is changing. Organizations are coming to terms with the fact their current security protocols may fall short of what’s required to protect against malicious intrusion and subpoenas by government agencies. We understand there are always looming threats to the security and privacy of your data. It’s the reason why we took steps several years ago to build a European Data Center and it’s also why today we have announced the most robust key management solution in the industry.In the past, moving all or elements of data to the cloud meant a compromise on control when it came to managing encryption keys. With Egnyte Key Management this is no longer the case. Egnyte Key Management offers multiple options for control, security and privacy, ranging from a full-control solution where keys and encrypted content stay within customer control at all times to working within a trusted cloud provider for all of it.The future of data will require even more protection than what is available today. Our customers understand this and asked us for better ways to protect their content. We took a measured approach to understand what was missing from existing solutions and developed Egnyte Key Management with the understanding that end-to-end encryption will become the new norm for our data.We’re excited to share this offering with you. For a deeper look at Egnyte Key Management, take a look at a blog post from Amrit Jassal, Chief Technical Officer at Egnyte or review this security whitepaper and register for our upcoming webinar with security management experts.

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