How MOMA Therapeutics Transformed Their Data Collaborative Process with Egnyte

For emerging biotechs, effective collaboration is critical but can also be challenging. With outsourced R&D operations, global teams, and external partners like CROs, biotechs need to securely share data and enable file access across their ecosystem.

Meet MOMA Therapeutics, a pioneering biotech company focused on targeting ATPases to develop new oncology treatments. With a mission to help cancer patients through scientific innovation, MOMA generates large amounts of complex data across its operations.

Egnyte and MOMA Partner to Transform Data Workflows

As Kate Hardy, VP of Operations at MOMA, shared in a recent webinar, Egnyte has been core to their stack since launching right before the pandemic. By integrating Egnyte into their tech stack, MOMA has transformed collaboration and optimized data workflows with both internal and external partners.

Egnyte has enabled MOMA to:

Securely Share Data with CROs

Instead of emailing data files as attachments and struggling to control versions, MOMA leverages Egnyte to share large volumes of study data with CRO partners. Egnyte's restricted folders and granular permissions ensure only authorized personnel can access sensitive IP.

Recover Quickly from Internet Outages Without Data Loss

If an ISP failure caused an entire day of network downtime across MOMA's facilities, with Egnyte's hybrid architecture, MOMA scientists could keep accessing data locally without losing productivity. The cloud sync feature ensures no data is lost when connectivity resumed.

Centralize Scientific Data Sources into a Unified Governance System

By defining structured folders for projects with partners and consolidating siloed data into a single organized Egnyte repository, MOMA established unified governance across assays, experiments, formulations, and small molecules. MOMA is now able to streamline their data exchange processes between internal and external sources while remaining secure.

Give Remote Teams Access to Data From Anywhere

During the pandemic, Egnyte's cloud repository and mobile access enabled MOMA's dispersed teams to collaborate securely from home offices, preventing workflow disruptions.

As Kate Hardy put it, "We needed a solution that could provide core functionality while being easy to use for everyone involved." Egnyte struck that balance for MOMA.

For emerging biotechs pushing scientific boundaries, seamless and secure collaboration can accelerate results. With Egnyte, you get tailored solutions to enhance collaboration, maintain productivity, and interconnect data across your ecosystem.

Learn more about how Egnyte enables secure collaboration tailored for life sciences teams.

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Transform Data Workflows with Egnyte

Learn how MOMA Therapeutics uses Egnyte to facilitate collaboration, centralize content, and preserve data integrity.

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