Egnyte Adds Tools to Democratize Content Security and Governance

At Egnyte Exchange Global Summit 2021, we introduced several exciting innovations to help unify, access, secure and manage content—anywhere. 

We rolled out new ransomware detection and recovery capabilities to help companies of all sizes defend against the growing specter of ransomware attacks. These new advancements include support for what we call the “democratization of content security and risk governance,” which will empower IT leaders and employees with the right tools to do their job securely, without slowing down productivity.

Here is a summary of the capabilities we announced.

Ransomware Safeguards and Secure File Sharing

  • Ransomware Protection is now standard capability in every Egnyte platform. This new offering is available across all platform plans! Essential for every customer, Ransomware Protection detects over 2,000 ransomware signatures, actively blocks attacks by immediately suspending infected endpoints, and automatically alerts the admin upon detection of an infected endpoint. Our team of security engineers also crowdsource new signatures every day, so our protections adapt as ransomware evolves.
  • Behavior-based detection, driven by Egnyte’s embedded machine learning engine, observes the behavior of each individual user and establishes a “normal” routine. Egnyte starts with a configured baseline and learns usage behavior over time. The system can identify abnormal behavior that might signal a probable ransomware attack or indicate files are being encrypted. Behavior-based detection is available now in our Enterprise plans. To learn more, check out this replay from Egnyte Exchange Global Summit, which provides hands-on training on how to use the ransomware detection methods within our platform.
  • Administrators can use Ransomware Recovery, soon to be available in Egnyte’s advanced offerings, to get back to normal operations faster. Ransomware Recovery is built around the idea of file system snapshots, which are taken on a regular basis. Administrators simply pull up the snapshot, inspect folders and files to discover the first point of attack, then choose the point-in-time files and folders to be restored. Entire folder structures and files can be restored with a single click, minimizing downtime and operational disruption. If you would like more information on Egnyte's file system snapshot process, please reach out to your Egnyte contact.
  • Sensitive Data Sharing Alerts apply safeguards at the point where users share and collaborate on files, based on content classification policy matches, risk score, or location. Egnyte detects when a user is about to share a file that contains sensitive data and “warns” them—instead of preventing them from sharing. This helps to avoid interruption to the user workflow, while also educating them about best practices by reinforcing the fact that data security and governance is everyone’s responsibility. 
  • Secure File Delivery now supports both Windows and macOS, so a user can send an encrypted file that remains secure and encrypted upon delivery, regardless of operating system. The file is automatically decrypted only once the intended recipient opens the file. We’ve also added Digital Watermarking to Secure File Delivery, so users can automatically watermark a file when downloading. This discourages redistribution of sensitive information or data manipulation attempts by third parties. Both capabilities are available now on Enterprise plans.

More Partner Integrations

To detect and respond to today’s governance challenges, companies need solutions that replace disparate technologies and apply intelligence to support simple, safe and strategic management of valuable data. We are extremely pleased to announce two strategic partnerships that extend our vision to additional data sets. 

  • The first is an expanded integration with Google. Egnyte now offers full support of Google Cloud Storage and Google Workspace, including Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs. Users can continue to enjoy the Google tools they already know, while being governed by Egnyte.
  • Secondly, through our partnership with Truyo, Egnyte now offers fully automated privacy for structured and unstructured data, across popular ecosystems like SalesForce, enterprise databases and marketing repositories. For a deeper dive, check our customer panel on content security and privacy rights management.

Watch Summit Sessions On-Demand

These innovations highlight Egnyte’s role in helping companies accelerate digital transformation and return to work smarter—all while maintaining visibility and control over their data, across disparate sources and user groups.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief summary of our key announcements. Egnyte Exchange Global Summit is our flagship event for customers and partners, and we want you to be able to participate even if you couldn't make it the day of the event. All the sessions are now available on-demand, including real-world stories from customers, as well as sessions that feature demos of new innovations and insights from industry leaders.

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