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Today, we are introducing Egnyte WebEdit to enable you to open any file stored in Egnyte directly from a browser, edit in the appropriate application (word/excel/powerpoint/keynote/adobe cs6/autocad etc) and simply save it back. You do not have to go through a multi-step process of download, edit, save and upload anymore.The application is ideal for users who do not want to load Egnyte Map Drive or Personal Local Cloud (Desktop Sync) on their computer, and is more convenient than downloading, editing, saving and uploading the saved version back to the cloud.  Egnyte WebEdit is available to Administrators and Power Users.If you are interested in WebEdit, please contact us so we can enable this for your account. We welcome your feedback.**Update (February 2014): WebEdit is now available as a beta product to all of our customers, but an account administrator will need to enable it first. To enable WebEdit: open "Settings," pick the "Applications" tab, and set WebEdit to "enabled."  Below are a few screen shots for guidance:

Edit files directly from your browser - Egnyte Blog
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