Annotate and Fill Out PDF Files on Mobile Devices With Egnyte

Working on PDF documents on mobile devices has been one of the most anticipated features this year. Now, with the integration of PSPDFkit, Egnyte has added this capability to its iOS app (the Android app has this feature in Beta, and it will be launched officially later this fall)

Users who work on PDF files now have the tools for fast and easy editing. It reduces the time needed for file preparation as you can do it on the go within one app. It also reduces the costs of annotations. Individuals, teams, and organizations now have a new way of collaboration using their smartphones and tablets.

Form Filling

The upgraded version of form filling gives you more capabilities than before. You can fill out the form directly on your device, with support for almost all PDF editable fields (input text, signature, dropdown, checkbox, etc.). The filled-out documents can be edited or previewed at any time via the Egnyte app or other PDF files apps. Previewing filled-out documents can also be done through Egnyte WebUI - the same document can be viewed and worked on from multiple devices.

Annotate and Fill Out PDF Files Directly With the Egnyte Mobile App -Egnyte Bog

This feature, one of the most frequently requested ones for our mobile apps,  gives users the ability to add any type of popular annotations, such as:

  • text,
  • signature,
  • stamps (symbols, prepared text),
  • drawings (lines, arrows),
  • shapes (oval, rectangular),
  • pictures.

The annotated documents can be edited or previewed at any time via the Egnyte app or other PDFs apps. You can also preview the annotations through the WebUI.

Annotations, together with the Egnyte app, give you more collaboration possibilities . You can use other Egnyte features such as Document Scanner to convert a physical document into a PDF file and add the needed text to the file later, via annotations.

Moreover, you can work on the document completely offline—the file will be stored on your device and uploaded to Egnyte when online again. The added annotations are fully customizable in color, size, form, style.

Save or save as

Besides form filling and annotating PDF files, you now have two different ways of saving the "edited" file to Egnyte. You can either save the file (in this case, a new version of the file will be uploaded to Egnyte), or you can use “save as”and then save the file under a different name and location (different folder).

Annotate and Fill Out PDF Files Directly With the Egnyte Mobile App -Egnyte Bog
Table of Contents

This feature is especially useful when you work on documents with many pages. You can now jump to a specific page when the PDF file has a table of content. You also have direct access to the added annotations and bookmarks, making the collaboration much faster.


For iOS users, the new feature is available from Egnyte 7.13  onward. The availability of this feature depends on the plan you are using. For Android users,  the new feature is available from Egnyte 8.13 onward. For more information, please contact us.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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