3 Reasons Storing your Business Documents in the Cloud is Secure

'Cloud' is everywhere. Everyone is jumping to the cloud, but many businesses have concerns. One of the biggest concerns is security. How can you trust your documents to an intangible cloud?

Surprisingly, the cloud offers more security for your business than a physical file server. Curious? Read on.

1. Disaster recovery is a fingertip away

What happens if you spill coffee on your laptop or if you leave it in the airport? How do you get years of important company files back? Even if you back up your documents to an external hard drive, you have to remember to constantly back up your files in order to save the most recent versions. When you store your data in the cloud you can simply log on to your cloud file server from another computer and view all of your documents and their most recent versions. With Egnyte you can restore all of your documents to a new computer and get back to work immediately.

For example an Egnyte customer, Tony Moon from Salvus Alerting, was travelling for business when the fire suppression system pipes in his hotel froze and broke, flooding the room and causing the ceiling to collapse. Both of Tony's laptops were completely destroyed, and he could have lost all of his company's development code and documents. Luckily, all he had to do was purchase a new computer and restore his documents from Egnyte. Without the cloud Tony would have lost critical company documents.

2. Data replication is cheaper in the cloud

In order for a company to achieve the same level of redundancy that Egnyte customers receive they would need to purchase additional file servers, replicate their data on each server and ensure the copies on each server stay up to date. This takes time and is expensive to maintain. In the cloud, businesses can trust their data will be replicated and protected in multiple data centers.

3. Enterprise level security without the cost

Companies can invest a large amount of money and time in securing their documents and ensuring compliance. Fortunately, after shopping around for the correct cloud solution companies can leave the security legwork and compliance steps to the cloud. Cloud storage vendors can invest a large amount of money in a strong security system and distribute the costs across their customer base.

Moving to the cloud can be scary but it is a secure way to protect your company's critical files. If you are hesitant to take that step, listen to what an Egnyte customer, Nate McBride from AMAG Pharmaceuticals, has to say. As he puts it, "Security is my favorite topic because I've yet to meet a single person who can show me specifically in some legitimate, substantive, concrete way that the cloud is less secure. Everybody says it's less secure, but they can't actually show me that," he says. "That's because it isn't less secure. It's the same level of security, if not more - I couldn't possibly afford the redundancy I have in place now if we went brick and mortar with this data, for example."

What are you waiting for? Take the leap and move your business to the cloud today!

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