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How ESA Removes Barriers to Data Access in the Field with Egnyte
January 30, 2023

ESA selects Egnyte to curate and transfer critical field data – information essential for tackling issues such as watershed management, community development, and resiliency planning.

Joëlle Colosi
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How CW Driver Uses Egnyte to Centralize Project Documents and Sync with Autodesk Construction Cloud
January 30, 2023

C.W Driver uses Egnyte’s cloud platform to centralize project files and automatically sync Autodesk Construction Cloud documents to ensure each stakeholder stays apprised of construction activities at all times.

Joëlle Colosi
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Point Clouds: Simplify transfer from Point A to Point B
December 1, 2022

Point cloud data offers many benefits for enhancing Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects. But what are they, and how can you best use them? This blog post discusses the benefits and drawbacks of transferring point cloud data.

Hari Krishnan
Senior Director, Product
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