How ESA Removes Barriers to Data Access in the Field with Egnyte

Tough IT Job #21

ESA’s expert team of architectural historians, historic architects, conservators, and preservation planners are committed to upholding the highest authority in preservation planning.  They assist firms looking to adapt or redevelop a historic site by ensuring that projects adhere to federal, state and municipal regulations in place to protect these important pieces of our collective shared history.

ESA relies on Egnyte to curate and transfer critical field data – information essential for tackling issues such as watershed management, community development, and resiliency planning.


ESA's staff struggled with sharing collected data from the field.  Their standard process was manual and time consuming, as field staff would transport data back to the office and upload it into a legacy file system, in order to make the data available to other team members. To make matters worse, over 100+ employees worked on large Computer Aided Design (CAD) files, which due to their size, provided their own set of access challenges. The overall process raised security, continuity, data capture, and integrity concerns. In order to combat these issues ESA needed a modern solution that provided secure and uninterrupted access of critical site information from any location, directly into end-user hands.


ESA deployed Egnyte and eliminated any worry of data being lost or compromised or just being difficult to access. They now have a single source for production information that is accessible anytime, no matter if personnel are in-office or remote--resulting in less stress on teams across all engineering projects. Tapping into Egnyte’s automated archiving capability, ESA can also store contract and warrantee files securely while allowing for quick retrieval when needed, so operations continue seamlessly without disruption.

With Egnyte’s simple yet secure data access and management solution, ESA is able to remain devotedly focused on preserving invaluable historical artifacts for generations to come.

Read ESA's full story here.

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