Optimize Engineering Workflows with Egnyte's Smart Cache and Civil 3D

Civil 3D projects generate vast amounts of data, including design files, survey data, imagery, and reports. As these project files increase in size and complexity, engineers are constantly seeking ways to overcome the numerous challenges associated with managing data and collaborating effectively, as file access and management is often a time-consuming and frustrating part of their job.  Adding to the complexity, these large datasets require faster read and write speeds due to their reliance on disk input/output (I/O) operations.

The Egnyte Solution

Egnyte offers a centralized, cloud-based platform, enabling engineers to organize, store, and access Civil 3D data effortlessly. Egnyte's Smart Cache solution provides an immediate improvement in storage efficiency and saves time and costs by cross-referencing and caching only the required files - limiting the amount of storage required.

Egnyte's native file sharing and collaboration features facilitate more efficient teamwork among project stakeholders. By storing Civil 3D files in Egnyte, multiple team members can work simultaneously within the same project, collaborating in real time, maximizing productivity, and ensuring alignment to the latest file versions.

How Egnyte's smart cache integrates with Civil 3D

The Egnyte Benefits

Egnyte's Smart Cache offers numerous benefits for Civil 3D projects, including:

  • Lowered storage costs and improved efficiency by loading only essential cross-referenced files onto Smart Cache.
  • Increased productivity by enabling multiple users to work on a file at the same time.
  • Prevention of overwrite and version issues that often occur when multiple users are collaborating on the same project with global file locking.

By balancing performance and flexibility, Egnyte's Smart Cache and Civil 3D can enhance user productivity and improve project quality, allowing engineering firms to operate at their highest potential.

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