How CW Driver Uses Egnyte to Centralize Project Documents and Sync with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Tough IT Job #109

Construction projects often involve a multitude of stakeholders and require careful attention to detail. The San Jacinto Campus, Stem Science And Technology Building is no exception. To keep all parties informed on progress updates, C.W Driver utilizes Egnyte’s robust cloud platform to centralize project files and automatically sync Autodesk Construction Cloud documents to ensure each stakeholder stays apprised of construction activities at all times.

The Challenge

Over time, C.W. Driver took an organic approach to building its IT infrastructure — adding storage capacity and file-sharing tools as needed. Multiple technologies were adopted to support file sharing and management within the business.  This made it very difficult to ensure that timely data backups were happening, while sprawling data across cloud and on-premises sources created workflow problems for project teams. 

The Solution

To optimize file access and minimize data sprawl on the San Jacinto Campus, Stem Science And Technology Building project, C.W Driver turned to Egnyte’s cloud file solution. Its centralized repository and user-friendly interface for file collaboration provided a familiar mapped-drive format that employees had become comfortable using.  

The Autodesk Construction Cloud integration with Egnyte syncs project data and extends file access and visibility even further — by providing the ability to share project data interchangeably across multiple devices and quickly sync changes for up-to-date project information anytime, in anyplace. Project teams now can provide consistent access to the latest files to all stakeholders. 

Today, the San Jacinto Campus, Stem Science And Technology Building project team taps into a single source of truth for the latest drawings and RFI documents in each project’s official Egnyte master folder.  Internal teams in the office and the field, along with project stakeholders, can work confidently off the latest information and accelerate the project’s progress. 

With solutions like Egnyte, C.W. Driver is building an IT environment that will keep them running efficiently and productively for the next 100 years.

Read C.W. Driver's full story here.

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