Egnyte Connect customers already know and love our many integration points with the Office 365 suite. Our existing integrations enable you to open documents managed by Egnyte directly into O365, to collaborate in real time and co-edit with colleagues, or to open and edit files from Egnyte in Office Mobile, even without the Egnyte mobile app installed on your phone.

But, we are never done.

We continue to enhance our integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, and today I am excited to announce that we just released a brand new and powerful integration point that enables Egnyte Connect users to create new Office Online documents right from within our web interface.

To take advantage of this new functionality, simply click on the new menu, from the Egnyte folder within which you want to create your new document. Choose the file type you want to create and follow the instructions to name your document. That’s it. You’re off to the races. One important note: this functionality only works if you have the Office Online integration enabled, and only from folders in which you have editing permissions.

We are still not done. More exciting integration points with the Microsoft ecosystem are headed your way, so please stay tuned.

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