There’s no doubt that the cloud is changing everything. Companies of all sizes are embracing the cloud as an affordable and easy place to store and share data. How big is the shift to the cloud? Big. 84% of organizations store their data in the public cloud, according to a new analyst study from the Enterprise Strategies Group (ESG).

That said, how comfortable do you think companies are about putting ALL of their data in the cloud? Not very, as a matter of fact. The same ESG study also reports that 97% of companies that have adopted a cloud-only file-sharing solution soon begin to look at a hybrid deployment model that enables them to store some or all of their data on-premises. The top three reasons for this shift include: the ability and flexibility to control where data is stored (54%); the option to leverage existing on-premises infrastructure investments (41%); and the belief that they can control data better than third-party services (38%).

We’ve created a new infographic that helps to illustrate what’s causing this shift and some of the concerns with cloud-only file-sharing solutions. For more details on the  ESG study, take a look here.

esg infographic

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