January is always an extremely busy month at Egnyte as we lock and load several plans for the year, including the operating plan.  We finished 2012 on a great note – Bookings/GAAP Revenue/ARPU – all metrics, grew at an excellent pace.  But there is not much time to savor the wins, every month present its own NMRR challenges, and the numbers are invariably always higher than the previous month.

The class of customers, in terms of size, the amount of data they start with and grow to in six months, the number of concurrent users per account – have galloped ahead at incredible speeds. I remember in 2010 the average storage per customer used to be 20-30 GB in 3 months, today the average is 1 TB. In terms of data growth across our data centers, we used to get 4TB/week in 2009 and today the rate of ingest is north of 12TB/every six hours!

An extremely exciting growth area for us has been hybrid deployments using Netapp storage systems for on-premise fast local access. Month to date, we have deployed Egnyte at a substantial number of companies ranging from a 28,000 person public company to several mid-market companies both in and outside the US.

These are exciting times in the industry, and this solution space is just about to get mainstream. We are beginning to focus more outside North America and already a substantial part of the revenue is coming from overseas.

It is quite gratifying to bump into people who use Egnyte and rave about it.  A few weeks back, one of our team members had to help some person in a mall parking lot get their car started with jumper cables, and this guy looks up– sees the Egnyte logo on the jacket he was wearing, and exclaims, “wow, you work at Egnyte? We’ve been your customer for the past 2 years and love the product”.

Another even more important sign that Egnyte is getting popular was, when I got home last night, my little boy proudly showed me this artwork.

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