Enterprise Strategy Group recently published their Market Landscape Report on “Online File Sharing and Collaboration in the Enterprise.”  I am pleased to share that Egnyte was rated highest in terms of “Enterprise readiness”. They noted our ability to scale to large data volumes, multi-site locations, n+4 data redundancy and the strength is both desktop and server sync, an area where we are unmatched by any of the companies listed in the report.

What does this mean in terms of enterprise readiness? Egnyte is ready to scale to meet your business’s needs. As your business expands or you add more offices, you can add more storage, add more users and provide fast local access using the Egnyte Office Local Cloud or Enterprise Local Cloud.

We were penalized for not offering a free version and therefore, not be able to claim millions of users. Frankly, I would rather not have the cost of free users be borne by the paid ones. We want to focus on businesses only and grow with you as you grow.

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