Weekly Recap

Hello and Happy New Year! The weekly recap is back, with a list of all our tweeted articles for you to read over the weekend. Enjoy!

"Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011" - TechCrunch

"Ignite Your Passion in the New Year" - GigaOm

"Product Updates" - Egnyte Blog

"5 More Online Backup Services for Linux" - TechSource

"Facebook Deal Offers Freedom From Scrutiny" - The New York Times

"Major VC Trends in 2010: More IPOs, More Acquisitions" - Mashable

"Looking for a quick, simple response to your Egnyte questions? Ask @Egnytecommunity today!" - Egnyte Blog

"Forrester: Tablet Sales Will Eclipse Laptop Sales by 2015 [STATS]" - Mashable

"What Would the Police Find if They Searched Your Phone?" - GigaOm

"How to Use Apple iWorks with Egnyte iPad and iPhone Application" - Egnyte HelpDesk

"Apple's Mac Store Opens With More Than 1,000 Apps" - TechCrunch

"Cyberspace When You're Dead" - The New York Times

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