Webinar: The Future of Work and Purposeful Collaboration

The future of work is shifting. It has become second nature to collaborate without even realizing how many technologies are used to complete a single project. When preparing a Q4 presentation, for example, a team member may open up a Google Drive spreadsheet to gather all of the financial data, pull all the leads from Salesforce, IM a colleague to pull notes from the last three meetings in Evernote, and put all of those details into a PowerPoint presentation stored in Egnyte, all within a few minutes.

Technology has truly changed the way we work and collaborate with our team members inside and outside of organizations. But, this is only the beginning…

Webinar: The Future of Work and Purposeful Collaboration - Egnyte Blog

Work styles will continue to evolve with greater efficiency and new boosts in productivity that will raise our “digital proficiency” through a new phenomenon called Purposeful Collaboration. Cutting-edge technologies are eliminating the tedious tasks of the past and pushing us into a new work style of the future.

Don’t miss the webinar on Thursday with Constellation Research analysts R “Ray” Wang and Alan Lepofsky as they dive into their research on the future of work and the new trend they’re calling Purposeful Collaboration. Sign up here today to reserve your spot. See you online!

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Varun Kohli

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