Webinar: Egnyte Talks Customer Success with The Service Counsel

Webinar: Egnyte Talks Customer Success with The Service Counsel - Egnyte Blog

At Egnyte, we’re focused on providing a positive customer experience. In fact, our vice president of Customer Success Services, Steve Blaz is chartered with maintaining a high-level of professional service, support and operations for all of the SMB and Enterprise organizations we serve.Steve will soon be joining Sumair Dutta, chief customer officer of The Service Counsel to discuss the customer success industry and share best practices, but before then, I sat down with him to talk about his role.Q: What kind of support does your team provide customers?SB: “Post sales support - Professional Services, Customer Support, Customer Success, Customer Engagement, Global Training, Partner Relations, and Partner Programs. The Customer Success organization is responsible for the post sale customer lifecycle, from properly deploying Egnyte solutions through Professional Services, to fixing their problems when customers encounter issues, to ensuring customers are successful in utilizing and maximizing the value of our solution. We help customers understand all the ways they can use Egnyte efficiently. We also enable a global network of partners that have business vertical and geographical reach to customers in all parts of the world.”Q: What do you feel is essential in building a successful Customer Success team?SB: “Looking at everything we do from a customer point of view and having a great attitude. Customers usually contact us when things aren’t going right for some reason. Although, our most unhappy customer is our greatest source of learning. The reward is great in helping them solve an issue or enabling them to do something that made their situation better. So having a great attitude helps in these situations.”Q: Why is Customer Success critical to Egnyte’s business?SB: “The Customer Success team helps customers achieve maximum value out of their purchase with Egnyte. The more a customer integrates Egnyte into their business process and sees success, the more likely they are to continue working with us. They will use more features, add more users, and most likely, tell their friends and colleagues. Making customers successful makes us all successful!”Q: What do you personally enjoy about your role?SB: “I firmly believe that the voice of the customer is one of the most important factors in making a company successful. However, it’s not just about hearing the customer, it’s about listening to them. This voice can help drive improvements in people, processes, and technology. I really enjoy making these things even better than before I arrived, because I empowered the team to really listen to the customer and getting to the root cause of their pain points.”Join Steve Blaz and The Service Counsel tomorrow - Tuesday, October 27th — at 11:00am EST as they discuss trends, personal experiences, and findings from the current Service Counsel research project.If you are interested in tips for enhancing your current or future customer success programs make sure you don’t miss this upcoming webcast!To register for this webcast and to learn more about the research project, click here!

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