Introducing Storage Sync 11

They grow up so fast. Storage Sync has recently released its 11th version, and we’re excited to say it’s an overhaul from the ground up. The 11th version of our flagship product has a higher performing OS, modular architecture, and true flexibility for seamless third-party integrations across your workflows.

Introducing Storage Sync 11 - Egnyte Blog

We've simplified the installation workflow in the sleeker UI, and your users will be delighted to find a 4x improvement in event processing. Real-time synchronization operations have tangibly improved, as we've decreased the interval between successive syncs to less than a minute.

Introducing Storage Sync 11 - Egnyte Blog

The performance benchmarks are better, across the board, from Storage Sync 10.3. Storage Sync 11 leverages the latest libraries and boasts

  • 30x improvement in file writes
  • 3x improvement in file reads
  • 2x improvement in folder browsing

If you have come to rely on Storage Sync as a key part of your workflow, SS 11 is your next step. With increased productivity, minimal downtime, and enhanced scalability, this is an upgrade in every sense of the word. To learn more, here are a few relevant helpdesk articles:

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