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Shopping at farmers markets is one of my favorite past times. Wandering the aisles I’m able to pick from a variety of different fruits and vegetables which I can use to create the perfect meal for a dinner party of friends and family. VMware’s recently announced VSX marketplace is really no different. When it comes time to put together a solution from scratch, or even just supplement your existing technology investment, the VSX marketplace is the place to go.Since inception, it has quickly become a dynamic place where businesses can go to assess, assemble and purchase over 985 solution offerings within the VMware technology ecosystem. So, why is that important for Egnyte customers? As a core part of your file sharing, storage and backup infrastructure, Egnyte works with other best-of-breed solutions to allow you to create custom solutions that help your employees work smarter, faster and more efficiently.First and foremost, when deployed in conjunction with VMware, the Egnyte Enterprise Local Cloud (deployed as a virtual appliance) synchronizes files between your on-premise VMware file server using any existing hardware and the cloud. The bi-directional file sync technology provides redundant file storage and backup as well as secure file access from anywhere on any device, online or offline. This sets up your employees and partners with the ability to collaborate and work from just about anywhere, while always feeling like they are accessing their files from one central location.Once you’ve established your core infrastructure, you can expand what users can do and how they do it through Egnyte’s partner ecosystem. Each partner integration offers Egnyte users enhanced capabilities in their respective areas of focus. All of these add-on solutions are available on the VSX marketplace including offerings from: Google Docs, Outlook,, Quickoffice, iOS, Android, NETGEAR, NetApp, and VMware. Whether it’s content creation/modification, multi-device support or behind the firewall storage, there are multiple solutions to choose from, and the list will only get longer over time.Expand your Egnyte implementation and empower your employees with the tools that will help them get their job done.

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Emily Ganz

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