Rethinking File Servers for the 21st Century

The amount of private content being collected, shared, and stored is growing at an alarming rate. It’s no surprise that the means to classify, share and control what matters is fast-becoming business' biggest challenge. The traditional method of stacking file servers doesn’t scale or support the collaboration necessary to stay competitive. For a start, all that heavy hardware requires heavy administration, especially when an organization has multiple servers in many locations. The costs associated with hardware and software upgrades, antivirus and ransomware protection, network bandwidth, and VPN access take a big bite out of any bottom line. However, the cost of file servers isn’t merely financial. Productivity becomes strained when storage can’t keep up with access needs. Different versions of the same file can show up if people edit content on multiple servers. And let’s not forget limited accessibility or how much time IT spends managing VPN issues for remote teams. Of course, there are many productivity apps that help employees access and share content for work, but most are designed for the consumer market and often fail to meet the control/security requirements of modern industry. Options like centralized content classification, reporting and auditing, hybrid deployment options, real-time alerts to file anomalies, granular folder access permissions, and comprehensive data compliance are rare among consumer-based solutions. The more an organization grows with new employees and teams, the more diverse these applications become - soon exacerbating IT’s struggle to protect and control sensitive content.The bottom line is file servers are becoming increasingly obsolete - but the security and control they provide have become more important than ever.So how can companies accommodate their growth requirements while maintaining security, control, and better content access for employees? They need a solution that works in harmony across a company’s digital landscape. Built specifically to meet the data compliance needs of modern industry, but designed for people, Egnyte leads business-grade content collaboration, data compliance, and in the case of rethinking file servers, secure file management and protection.A complete end-to-end solution for the digital workplace, Egnyte uses hybrid technology to intelligently sync large files between the cloud and your secure on-premises storage. This combines the flexibility and accessibility of the cloud with the control and security of on-premises file servers.

Rethinking File Servers for the 21st Century - Egnyte Blog

Egnyte delivers what’s expected from a 21st-century solution - a central repository, the fastest access to large files, connected mobility, complete visibility and control, and full integration with the most popular productivity apps - but that really is just the beginning. Egnyte offers a long list of benefits for file server replacement, almost all of which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization. Below are five advantages Egnyte provides over consumer-grade solutions. 1. Granular access permissionsImplement file permissions on a more granular basis and control who has access to which files and folders, wherever they’re stored.2. Reduced administrative overheadNo more ‘server management,’ Distributed File System Replication (DFSR), permission replication challenges, “aging out” data to remove it from expensive hardware.3. Increased capabilitiesMaintain simple, fast, anywhere access, from any desktop without losing performance or productivity – all without requiring a VPN.4. Improved resiliency and performanceIncrease security and improve performance across the board. Keep content in our US or EU data centers, or other cloud repositories and get the fastest access to content in remote locations with hybrid sync. IT can also provide non-employees limited access to specific content without sacrificing security or adding administrative burden.5. Enhanced security and data protectionAdvanced ransomware and anti-virus protection, notifications of unusual behavior in real time, and non-inherited subfolder permissions. Admins can even configure data settings so critical files are never accidentally deleted, complying with Legal Hold regulations.Sign up for a free trial and get a better sense of how powerful Egnyte can be, risk-free. See how a simple SaaS solution rethinks file servers, forever.

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