Online File Servers Help You Manage Your Business Remotely

Manage Your Business Remotely with Egnyte’s Online File ServerYears ago, “road warriors” were typically sales people or field based workers. There was no Wi-Fi so communications were limited to cell phones and pagers. Today, entire businesses can be mobile with workers distributed across multiple locations and time zones with access to files from their mobile drives. Cell phones have given way to smartphones and a laptop can function as a mobile office. This mobility is not limited to web workers but includes businesses such as law firms, real estate companies and creative agencies.There are a number of benefits to taking your business on the road:

  • Assemble project specific teams regardless of location.
  • Hire the expertise you need without being bound to geography.
  • Become location independent, combining travel and work.
  • Eliminate the overhead associated with office space.
  • Be available for family emergencies or caregiving needs

So now that you are sold on why you might want to go mobile and enjoy all the benefits of a mobile drive, let us discuss the practical steps of running your business from the road.To take your business on the road you need:

  • Communication
  • Connectivity
  • Remote Data access and integration

Communication. You need to be able to communicate with your colleagues, employees, and clients. Your mobile phone can be used as a communication tool but to truly maintain a high touch professional office on the road, consider a hosted business phone solution. With a hosted business phone solution you can have a virtual PBX that offers a single phone number (local, and toll), multiple extensions, conference calling, call forwarding, fax transmission and reception to email and more.Connectivity. It is essential that you have internet connectivity. This will give you access to your cloud computing applications, email, and of course the internet. While there are exceptions, depending on your location, there are a few options to get connected:

  • Wi-Fi (Use WeFi, or JiWire to locate global Wi-Fi spots)
  • Cell phone data connection
  • 3G USB Modem
  • Verizon MiFi (available in US only)
  • Broadband card

You have options when it comes to hardware as well. Depending on your needs and personal preference, you can use a laptop, smartphone or netbook.Data access and integration. Now that you are outfitted to communicate, you will need to access and share data. Egnyte’s online file server facilitates remote data accessonline file storage, data collaboration and data backup. Team members, clients and vendors can be given access to shared files, eliminating the need to transfer files through email. The online file server also helps with version control so that multiple users can work on shared documents without confusion. Finally, you can backup all of your data ensuring that if your smartphone or portable computer is lost your data is safe.Are you ready to hit the road?

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Emily Ganz

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