Mobile Collaboration

Mobile Collaboration Collaborate anytime & anywhere, with anyone

Without the right tools, collaborating when you are working away from the office can be challenging at best. With Egnyte Connect, you can access and share all of your content with coworkers, business partners and customers without sacrificing security or usability.

Work on files within the Egnyte Mobile App

Anna is the regional sales manager of sales and is seemingly always on the road. She was asked by the head of worldwide sales to update the latest sales forecasts for the quarterly board review. As usual, the request is urgent and Anna isn’t in a place where she can use her laptop. Fortunately, the Egnyte mobile app is all she needs to quickly add the inputs and get back to selling.

Share files from your mobile

Collaborate at any time, from anywhere – As the project manager for a graphic design firm, Jane frequently travels between the office and customer locations, and must be able to collaborate when she’s on the go. Jane travels with a mobile phone and a tablet. With the Egnyte mobile app, she is able to access her shared corporate files, regardless of where they are physically stored, in the cloud and on premise. Jane is able to securely access, review, and share files or folders from iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile devices.

Offline Access

Overhead space in planes is getting fuller and security lines longer so Joel likes to travel light. That means ditching the laptop using a tablet instead. As the CFO, he still needs to have access to files to answer board questions - even on a plane. With the Egnyte mobile app, Joel is able to finish up a spreadsheet that was saved for offline access and then sync it back to Egnyte when he gets off the plane.

Microsoft Office Mobile Integration

Tom, is a heavy Office Mobile user who doesn’t want to switch between applications to access his shared content. As the lead sales engineer, he is asked to provide input to the marketing team on a new white paper that has been shared via Egnyte. While waiting for a customer meeting, he opens Word on his iPad and brings up the latest version to review for technical accuracy. When done, the file is automatically saved back to Egnyte.