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Our brand new Android application has been well received by the press and, more importantly, our customers. After listening to feedback from the initial release, we quickly began developing an update to further improve the experience for Android users. That being said, we have just wrapped up and published Android version 1.1.

Some additional features that customers can look forward to is that the application is optimized substantially in both size and speed. For the user’s convenience, we have given users (Android OS version 2.0 and above) the ability to move the Egnyte application to their SD cards. Furthermore, we have better formatted the content of each directory row to anticipate displaying file authorship in contingence with our web application’s 5.2 release. In the meantime, Android users can fully enjoy the well sought after feature of sorting. Simply select Menu à More à Default Sort. There, you simply choose what type of sort you would prefer as a default.

In working on the application, I’ve learned a lot of things about Android development. The number one rule of thumb is this: don’t ever trust the development emulator 100%. The majority of the reported issues we received were caused by the fact that our testing was predominately done on the emulator. Using a complete device testing cycle has shown tremendous results, and we hope that it shows in our version 1.1 release.

Now, we our directing our attention back to our iPhone and iPad customers. We have received a lot of feedback and requests for additional features and have taken them all into consideration. We plan to release a comprehensive version 2.0 and address these requests. There are some exciting features coming soon in early January, so stay tuned for updates!

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