Mixin’ It Up with the LinkedIn Top 10 InDemand Startups

While the Summer may have ended according to the calendar, the Bay Area is keeping the season alive with warm weather and LinkedIn’s Summer mixtape compiled by the companies named on the third-annual list of the 10 Most InDemand Startups - where Egnyte is listed!

LinkedIn is one of Egnyte’s key resources for finding local talent, including some of the best software engineers and IT professionals in the area. The list was created by analyzing the millions of interactions between Bay Area companies and the more than 337,000 Bay Area software engineers and IT professionals on LinkedIn. We are honored to be included on this list of the top Bay Area startups to work for this year!

This is great! But, didn’t you mention something about a mixtape, Kevin?

Yes. Yes, I did, and it’s one of the best mixtapes of 2014! (It might be the only one, but it’s definitely awesome).

For our song, we chose Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound.” The song opens with:“I could lift you upI could show you what you wanna seeAnd take you where you wanna be”

The lyrics illustrate our company culture at Egnyte. We look for passionate and talented individuals across all departments who are willing to focus on new and creative ways to provide more value for our customers. We have built a safe and sound environment for our employees to take leaps in new directions that are focused on meeting this goal. And, we’ve also built a culture for employees at all levels of the organization to innovate and help shape the future of Egnyte.

The song continues:

“Even if the sky is falling downI know that we'll be safe and sound”

This line of the song to us explains that navigating the cloud can be a difficult challenge for companies at all stages, and we focus on bringing them the ability to deploy the cloud with the vendor of their choice (e.g., Google, Amazon) and at the timing that meets their needs by balancing their use of on-premises and cloud storage over time.

"I could lift you up” also highlights our strong focus on ensuring our customers’ data is safe and their users can securely and seamlessly access their files from anywhere, with the support from Egnyte when they need us. This also relates to the culture of our company and the candidates we recruit. We hire leading talent, but we also know continued growth is key, and raising up our employees internally is at the core of our culture. In addition to the growth opportunities within the company, we like to have fun along the way, with monthly happy hours, lots of free snacks and lunches, and random matches of ping pong and poker tournaments.

Be sure to check out the full mixtape by this year’s InDemand Startups. Also, if you’re interested in applying for a job at Egnyte, contact me at jobs@egnyte.com.

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Mixin’ It Up with the LinkedIn Top 10 InDemand Startups - Egnyte Bog

LinkedIn Award List[/caption]

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