Keeping Good Company: Quest, Cal Net & SolutionWorx Join Egnyte’s MSP Partner Program

In case you missed it, we made a big announcement today, “Egnyte Builds on Triple Digit Quarter-Over-Quarter Partner Revenue Growth with Key Additions to MSP Partner Program.” It’s worth noting this news not just because we want to highlight the continued growth we’re seeing, but we also want to highlight some of our great new partners. Quest is #35 on the TechElite 250 and both Cal Net and SolutionWorx are respected members of the HTG Peer Group community.

Keeping Good Company: Quest, Cal Net & SolutionWorx Join Egnyte’s MSP Partner Program - Egnyte Blog

As leaders in the MSP community, these three partners are focused on success and profitability. With Egnyte, they were able to adopt a solution that satisfies their customers’ need for better file management, no matter if those customers want cloud-only, on-premise storage or both.  At the same time, these MSPs were also able to minimize their investment in training and enablement through Egnyte’s single platform.Here’s how Quest sums up Egnyte’s value to their business:  “As the largest global desktops-as-a-service provider, Egnyte’s enterprise file sharing solution enables us to provide our clients with a complete end-to-end collaboration solution,” said Tim Burke, CEO of Quest. “This partnership enhances our portfolio by providing the top-notch, flexible and secure cloud file-management services our customers require.”Egnyte’s MSP partner program offers members the go-to-market flexibility needed when selling this solution, which equates to high-margin recurring monthly revenue. In addition, Egnyte’s unique hybrid approach to file services enables MSPs to take advantage of continued on-premise storage sales as well as third-party software integrations, such as Google Drive and DocuSign. Want to know more or join the program? Learn more here.

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