Expanding NetApp & Egnyte Partnership: On-Premises Performance with the Cloud’s Flexibility

Have you ever wished your world was one where any user can quickly and securely access any authorized file from anywhere using the device of their choice? Can you imagine it?Egnyte and NetApp share your vision of this world, and we plan to expand our strong partnership beyond NetApp’s storage portfolio.Together, we are aiming to provide users with complete, seamless access to their critical business data via SharePoint, whether in the cloud or on premises, while giving IT the security, visibility, and performance they require in their infrastructure.Egnyte enterprise file services integrate with NetApp storage so files are securely stored on-premises for performance and compliance reasons, as well as in the cloud for greater flexibility and collaboration.

Expanding NetApp & Egnyte Partnership: On-Premises Performance with the Cloud’s Flexibility - Egnyte Blog

NetApp & Egnyte Hybrid ArchitectureOn-Premises Performance with Cloud Flexibility

How does it work? Egnyte’s unique hybrid approach converts the file servers across an organization into a single storage platform that offers flexible deployment capabilities: cloud-only, hybrid, and purely on premises. This breadth of storage options allows enterprises to simplify how they manage collaboration involving cloud-friendly files and files that can’t go to the cloud.The integration between NetApp FAS series and Egnyte Storage Sync offers exceptional high performance by delivering enterprise file services only over the control plane, freeing up the data path for NetApp advanced storage services. Users benefit from both advanced sync and performance capabilities without compromise.Pushing the limits further, Egnyte and NetApp recently demonstrated a prototype of the integration between Egnyte Storage Connect and NetApp Connect at the NetApp Insight conference (Las Vegas and Berlin, October/November 2014). In the future, Egnyte clients (Web, mobile and desktop) could provide users with access to SharePoint files on NetApp storage via NetApp Connect. Collaboration among offices, workers and partners distributed around the world will become more secure, streamlined, and user friendly.Remember, the world of any user, any file, anywhere, any device? Egnyte and NetApp are working together to make it happen.Interested in trying the full Egnyte + NetApp integration? We want to meet you! Discover why many NetApp customers have turned to Egnyte for enterprise-class file sharing and collaboration. Please contact us at NetApp@egnyte.com.

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