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Check out our new tool for the Web UI user community: the embedded help widget! Quickly find answers to all your Egnyte questions without leaving the Egnyte interface. You can search for and read Helpdesk articles in a floating window that can be dragged anywhere in the Web UI. As you can see in the screenshot below, in addition to searching existing Help Desk content, the widget provides an option for users to request a new feature!

Embedded Help Widget - Egnyte Blog

Read more about the Embedded Help Widget here.There are a few other updates in this Web UI release.

  • Audit Reports: Administrators can now track who has accepted or declined terms of service.
  • Profile pictures: New messaging guides users to add a picture to their profile.
  • Auto-collapse: Empty metadata sections will automatically minimize for easier viewing of all metadata content for a given file.
  • Automatic permission updates: When a power user is downgraded to standard, all of their owner permissions will switch to full permissions.

Stay tuned for our next Web UI update!

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