Nick Decker

Nick Decker

AI's Role in Securing AEC Data: Paving the Path Forward
May 22, 2024

Discover how AI revolutionizes data control and security in the AEC industry. This article delves into the significant data challenges firms face, the tailored AI solutions available, and the importance of human and AI collaboration. Learn how AI can ensure compliance with data regulations and safeguard valuable data assets, positioning AEC firms as resilient and forward-thinking leaders in a data-driven world.

Eliminate Information Gaps Between Teams with Procore and Egnyte
August 16, 2023

Working with multiple teams, cloud solutions, and job sites? Discover how Procore and Egnyte work together to eliminate the information gap problem between managing projects and accessing the right documents.

The Importance of the Golden Thread to Safely Design and Construct Buildings
June 27, 2023

Learn about the golden thread concept and why it's essential for building safe structures. Understand the history of the idea, how it works in practice, and what role Egnyte can play for promoting enhanced safety.

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