Egnyting Polish Developers to Build Great Apps on Egnyte

I recently took part in Startup Poznań_Hackathon, a two-day event organized by the city of Poznan and sponsored by Egnyte, among other companies. The main objective of this event was to write an application using either the APIs provided by the organizers or any other open API. Each team could have 1-4 members, and the applications had to consist entirely of the code written during the hackathon.

Before the event, we created five trial accounts and access keys for those attendees who wanted to develop to our Filesystem API. For those who wanted to use our service in their apps, we offered some pretty cool Egnyte swag!As a developer in Egnyte’s Poland office, I had the opportunity to act as a mentor and Egnyte representative at the event. Not only did I get to share Egnyte’s story, including who we are and what we do, I also had the chance to help developers during the hackathon by answering their questions and suggesting the best solutions related to our API.

Egnyting Polish Developers to Build Great Apps on Egnyte - Egnyte Blog

When the developers split up into teams, most of them had no idea what to create. But, luckily, many of them made the perfect choice by building their app with the Egnyte API. There were 12 different teams, and three of them asked me for access to the API and one of them was already using it.

One of the teams is responsible for, a service for creating neighborhood communities. During the event, they created a module for advertisements, and our API helped them store and manage the files.

Egnyting Polish Developers to Build Great Apps on Egnyte - Egnyte Blog

The winners:At the end of a long but fun couple of days, we finally had our winners.Third Place: Gdzie jest medyk? (Where is the medic?) - an app for GLIP touch screens (devices provided by the sponsors) that helps users find the nearest medical help.

Second Place: Poznaj Poznań (meet Poznań) - a game that allows users to discover the city.

First Place: - a website that helps people explore Poznań in an interesting way.

Big thanks to Pawel Zieba (who remotely supported the backend issues) and Anita Falenska (responsible for recruitment) for their help.

Be sure to look out for more hackathons across Europe and the U.S. for your opportunity to build something great with our API for some awesome prizes! Or, if you want to develop something on your own, you can check out more info on our developer program here.

*Kasper Wargula is a Front-End Developer at Egnyte. He previously worked for Cognifide Polska and CrowdWorx

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