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Whether you’re an "IT guy” responsible for evaluating and implementing your company’s next new piece of software, or you’re an entrepreneur who developed the software application itself, it's important to consider interoperability when trying to increase your application's overall adoption. With most mobile work being done on iOS and most desktop work being done on Windows, software vendors need to approach interoperability strategically now more than ever. IT professionals are no longer looking to a single vendor for all of their software needs, they’re looking for a combination of best-of-breed applications that can mix and match with their technology stack (a stack consisting of a staggering 508 applications on average.)Here at Egnyte, we’re making it even easier for software vendors and customers alike to integrate with our leading content collaboration solution. We have been hard at work developing frameworks that make interoperability an opportunity rather than a barrier. We’ve also been partnering with industry leading API Integration Platforms and Integration Platform as-a-Service (IPaaS) solutions to better serve our “low or no-code” customers - and we’re just getting started.Egnyte Integration FrameworkFile Picker as-a-Service (FPaaS) – Developed by the renowned Egnyte Partner Integrations (PINT) Team, FPaaS allows software providers the ability to embed a native file picking service within any application in a matter of minutes. The key feature of FPaaS is that it shares a link to a specific file rather than the file itself. This is important for many reasons:

  1. Data leaks – Egnyte link sharing ensures that content shared either internally or externally adhere to the security permissions preconfigured by IT – no more incidental data leaks nor potentially massive fines (see ultimate GDPR checklist.)
  2. Performance – A link is handled far better than the 50gb high-res video which it is linking to, and can be shared, accessed, and e-mailed without size limitations.
  3. Minimize storage costs – Not all cloud applications charge for storage as part of their offering, but for those who do (e-mail inboxes included), uploading files will begin to eat into that storage immediately. Links, however, will greatly reduce the storage costs of these platforms.

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Egnyte + You Integration Strategies - Egnyte Blog

FPaaS as featured in Trello - October 2017[/caption]UI Integration Framework – Whether you’re a start-up with a promising user base or a developer looking to build an application to solve a custom workflow, there is no better way to get engagement and win new customers than to enable your application right within the Egnyte Web Interface. In the coming months, we will be extending this functionality across platforms and devices, providing even more visibility and platform-specific workflows.Today, users can share a file to a Slack channel, edit and collaborate on any Office file with Office Online, send a contract for eSignature, view a 3D drawing in Autodesk, and much more. With custom actions that react to the file type and the number of files selected, what will users be able to do with your custom app?[caption id="attachment_9624" align="alignnone" width="1242"]

Egnyte + You Integration Strategies - Egnyte Blog

Various Cloud Applications embedded into the Egnyte Context Menu[/caption]API Integration PlatformsFor developers who are exploring ways to integrate Egnyte and many different cloud applications at once with minimal effort, Kloudless and Cloud Elements are a great place to start.Egnyte customers use a wide range of cloud applications, yours probably do too, and building individual connectors to address them all is in no way scalable. API Integration Platforms allow developers to focus on what’s important, the product. By utilizing these popular “one-to-many” API integration platforms, developers can forget about doling out resources on the maintenance and support of these connectors - Kloudless and Cloud Elements have that part covered.Integration Platform as-a ServiceIntegrations are no longer isolated to software engineers tucked away in a dark corner of the office writing custom code. Solutions like Stamplay,, and Azuqua allow users to easily connect and automate common business processes without the requisite computer science degree."With the adoption of cloud services in every department, teams across companies need to work much more quickly, access more information than ever before and make data-driven decisions in real-time. IT can't keep up with the demand and applications made by citizen developers are more likely to meet exact business goals. There's no better person to create and customize these applications than a line of business owner who knows exactly how the solution will be used." - Giuliano Iacobelli, CEO, Stamplay Whether you’re streamlining the new employee onboarding process, or automating your sales closing process, these solutions have wide-ranging applicability, and they leave the mundane repeatable tasks to the ones that do them best; computers. Working with EgnyteIf you’re considering developing a native integration with Egnyte, look no further than the Egnyte Integrations Cookbook. The cookbook starts developers with a “taste test” and then recommends certain APIs (including FPaaS and UI Integration Framework) based on how that test is completed. Specific Egnyte terms, definitions, and step-by-step recipes are all included in the cookbook to make for a straightforward development process.If you’re looking to create and automate new business processes around Egnyte, visit our App Store to learn more about solutions like Stamplay.If you’re still evaluating the right way to approach your integration strategy and would like to connect with an Egnyte Integrations Specialist, please reach out to We’re looking forward to working with you!To learn more about our partner ecosystem register for the webinar, Going Beyond File Sync & Share featuring Gartner, on February 21st at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

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