Egnyte Transforms EMC VNX into Enterprise Files Services Platform

Business users require seamless access to files wherever their work may take them. Downtime and hassles associated with out-dated methods of accessing files in the corporate data center, such as VPNs, equates directly to lower productivity, increased user frustrations, and money loss. To combat these obstacles, business teams are leveraging new technologies to collaborate from any device and from any location, regardless of the size of the files and where their projects are physically stored - the cloud, on their local EMC VNX, or other file systems.

We’re thrilled to solve these pain points today for EMC VNX customers with the introduction of a native integration with Egnyte. The power of these combined offerings transforms EMC VNX unified storage into a complete enterprise file services platform.

So what does this mean for business users?Businesses running on an EMC infrastructure can now leverage Egnyte’s suite of file services. The simple and intuitive installation takes minutes and eliminates any downtime for customers by offering immediate access to data stored in EMC VNX devices. Egnyte Storage Sync bi-directly syncs files between EMC VNX unified storage and the cloud, offering easy and seamless collaboration on project files of all sizes when and where business users need them. This is especially key for organizations working between numerous locations, including corporate headquarters, remote locations and branch offices.The integration extends the capabilities and investment for EMC customers across industries. Construction firms, for example, are faced with complex environments that include numerous contractors and employees, remote projects sites and spotty Internet connectivity. With Egnyte, a firm can manage and access 100 percent of their files across their corporate data center, at their job sites and in the cloud, all under a unified global namespace. With enhanced security controls and a centralized view to manage all data, devices and users, IT can cloud-enable existing EMC VNX deployments with Egnyte Storage Sync. This provides construction users with fast local and secure remote access to files of any size, and from any location or device, making it simple for teams to increase productivity while working on construction projects.

Egnyte Transforms EMC VNX into Enterprise Files Services Platform - Egnyte Blog

Egnyte Storage Sync for EMC VNX is already deployed with select customers and will be generally available in September 2014. For more information on Storage Sync for EMC VNX, visit here.

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