Egnyte in the News! 'Construction company ditches paper for HybridCloud technology'

Jeff Pistor, head of technology for Balfour Beatty Construction's North Texas division, holds his iPad at D/FW International Airport in Terminal C. The company has gone paperless in its huge terminal remodeling project by using new technology and iPads and has saved $1.2 million.

Balfour Beatty Construction LLC is moving heaven and earth to go paperless on its mammoth Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport renovation project. And it’s saving more than a million bucks in the process.Click here to read the full article.
Egnyte in the News! "Construction company ditches paper for HybridCloud technology" - Egnyte Blog
David Woo/ The Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer
By Cheryl Hall, The Dallas Morning NewsJune 2, 2012
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