Egnyte – Cloud Storage for the SME Business

"Egnyte – Cloud Storage for the SME Business"

August 3, 2011

System Assure

How Cloud Storage helps Small Business

Cloud Storage services, like Egnyte, help make business more agile. By taking a Hybrid approach to storage it utilises the best aspects of Cloud Storage and Fast Local Storage.You get the speed of local storage when you need it, for file access and data recovery, combined with the security of knowing that your files and data is automatically backed up offsite. You can even access data from mobile and tablet devices like Android Phones and iPads.

More than just Cloud Storage

Egnyte is, however, more than just a Cloud Storage Service. It combines all of the storage services that a typical Small Business requires in a single product, so if you need:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Computer Backup
  • Automatic File Versioning
  • File Sharing across multiple devices and operating system
  • Mobile Access
  • Secure Public Access

Then Egnyte will replace several services or applications and include Cloud Storage space, for a small monthly fee.

The benefits of Egnyte Cloud Storage

You get the full benefits of the elasticity of a Cloud Storage service, i.e the storage capability is unlimited, you will never run out of space.Your computer will automatically backup the files you you hold locally on your PC, these will be held on the local storage and also synchronized to the Cloud Storage service. This helps to build Business Continuity into your company as now all of your important data is automatically help offsite. Egnyte helps in many cases not just the major disasters of flooding or the building catching fire. If you are unable to get into the office due to bad weather, or road closure then you can still access the latest version of your files remotely from another PC.Automated File Versioning allows you to hold multiple copies of a document, you can say how many you want to hold. So you can go back to a previous of any document that you are working on.The Egnyte Cloud Storage Service works on Windows, MAC, Linux there are even mobile applications which will let you ‘carry’ the latest version of documents with you at all times. If you can get to a Web Browser then you can also access any of your files with a secure username and password combination.If you are working on a project where you need to share large documents with external suppliers, consultants or Business partners then you can do that as well. You can define security attributes which integrate with Active Directory or manually apply attributes to individuals or groups of people.You can try Egnyte for Free for 14 days without any additional hardware.

Integration with NetGear ReadyNAS

Egnyte integrates with NetGear ReadyNAS, so you can install the application on your NAS. This ensures that the local copy of your data is on a fast resilient platform and that your data synchronization will take place even after people turn their PC’s off. We can provide ReadyNAS systems and will configure your Egnyte system free of charge if you use us to supply the NAS and your Egnyte Cloud Storage Service.

Get started with Egnyte today

Explore our unified solution for file sharing, collaboration and data governance.

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