Egnyte Brings Out Its Inner Kid With “Take Your Child To Work Day”

A big part of our day is spent around work, whether it’s the long hours at the office, finishing work at home or responding to emails while running errands. For those of us with children, time away from them prompts questions like: What do you do all day? What does your office or cubicle look like? Where is your work? In fact, one of our product manager’s son is convinced that his dad works at a cabin in the mountains...because our office is in Mountain View.

Egnyte Brings Out Its Inner Kid With “Take Your Child To Work Day” - Egnyte Blog

Egnyte participated in Take Your Child to Work Day late last month, and we were excited to bring our curious loved ones into our offices (I think our staff actually enjoyed it just as much as the children did!). Children of all ages were given a “passport” for traveling to different departments. In order to receive passport stamps, the kids needed to meet a representative from each department and ask about what they do. Engineers, Marketers, Executive Staff and the rest of our team were put on the spot by young, inquisitive minds. At the end of the day, our Director of Sales Operations asked her 10-year-old son to write a report about his time at Egnyte.Here is the opening line:“At first I wanted to grow up to be a video game tester, but after today I want to work here [Egnyte] when I grow up because 1. everyone here is nice 2. they’re hard workers and 3. they know how to have a good time.”  While I hope he continues his passion for video games, I think he really nailed it on the head. We all choose our career paths based on skill sets and interests. And we commonly ask ourselves similar questions when choosing a place to work.Do they treat each other with respect?Do they have a good work ethic?Do they celebrate their successes and enjoy being around one another?At Egnyte, we can answer YES to all three questions. When we put together this event, I thought it was important to expose children to different jobs outside of the typical doctor, teacher, chef positions they see regularly while growing up. Never did I think they would read between the lines and instantly pick up on the fun culture and strong community we have here at Egnyte.I can’t wait until next April when we get see how those “little Egnyters” have grown and meet the new ones to join our family. Interested in seeing more photos from the event, check out our Facebook page.

Egnyte Brings Out Its Inner Kid With “Take Your Child To Work Day” - Egnyte Blog
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