Productivity, Accelerated: Welcome to Egnyte's Content Superhighway

Meet Jamie, a sales executive who spends a lot of her time visiting customers. She’s perfectly happy with the wheels that get her to and from client locations, but she’s not as happy with her content collaboration tools. That’s why she’s interested in the Egnyte Connect Desktop App, the new fast lane for business collaboration.

Productivity, Accelerated: Welcome to Egnyte's Content Superhighway- Egnyte Blog

A recent IDC study* suggests more than 60% of knowledge workers routinely need to draw from 4 or more systems to find files they need to do their jobs, and an unlucky minority has to search 11 or more systems! Jamie wishes IDC had called her, because she’d nudge those numbers upward.She’s tired of manually changing gears: navigating multiple in-office and cloud repositories, making slow progress when working with large files, jumping between interfaces. She’s tired of traffic jams, as she struggles to access content in certain situations (online and off, on-prem and in the cloud) and IT checkpoints seem to pop up at the worst times.

Productivity, Accelerated: Welcome to Egnyte's Content Superhighway-  Egnyte Blog

Her IT department is aware that 36% of their users' days are spent just consolidating information (also per IDC*). They want to provide Jamie and her teammates a collaboration engine tuned to operate as fast as its users do, without IT decisions affecting their user experience. They need a consistent, unified interface that understands each team member’s identity, role and location and automatically delivers content as fast as possible. Above all, IT is looking to deliver a more intelligent, smoother, user-centric experience.The Egnyte Connect Desktop App is designed for users like Jamie, and every IT department who wants their users to spend their time working on business content rather than excavating it. With just one intuitive interface looking like your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, there’s no user training required! IT can enjoy greatly improved adoption and much easier support.They can also rest easy knowing that the Egnyte Connect Desktop App will automatically find the fastest path to retrieve and deliver content with no latency to decrease bandwidth costs. That might be a cloud repository, or a nearby in-office storage, but selecting the closest copy is an intelligent decision automatically made based on usage patterns and other content analytics without needing any input from Jamie or IT.

Productivity, Accelerated: Welcome to Egnyte's Content Superhighway-  Egnyte Blog

From one app, Jamie can access all of her content while she’s online, and with selective sync she can work on content when she’s offline. Any file changes that she makes will automatically sync to the cloud when she’s back online.Of course, Jamie can continue to leverage the best of Egnyte Connect, like universal content access. Egnyte’s growing ecosystem of partners allows her to leverage integrations with business productivity apps like Salesforce to access a repository and retrieve files directly from the app she is using.She’s on the superhighway now, with no intention of stepping back off to manual selection of repositories, endless lag/wait time, and a ride that just doesn’t cover ground the same way. She’s experienced the future of collaboration, and it’s lived without traffic lights.If you want to experience the collaboration fast lane for yourself, try a free trial of Egnyte Connect today and look for the new Desktop App to be genrally available in Summer 2017!* Source: IDC, Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information, IDC #248821, July 15, 2014

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