Collaborate Without Boundaries in Workplace by Facebook

Egnyte’s Ecosystem Team is always working to add integrations that help our customers boost productivity and when our leading partners announce new technology for collaboration, we get excited.We are proud to introduce Egnyte Connect for  Workplace by Facebook. Workplace is a rich digital space where users can work together, share ideas, and swap expertise. Our new integration provides a few different ways to send Egnyte Connect links directly in Workplace. First, when you write a post in Workplace, the Egnyte Connect button appears, allowing users to choose files directly from Egnyte.

Collaborate Without Boundaries in Workplace by Facebook - Egnyte Blog

We also allow you to share files directly to Workplace from within Egnyte Connect. Simply click on the Egnyte file and choose “Share in Workplace” to send.

Collaborate Without Boundaries in Workplace by Facebook - Egnyte Blog

Workplace also renders thumbnails for documents or images shared via public links. When sharing private links, Egnyte will automatically enforce permissions to ensure team members have access to the document(s) they click on.

Collaborate Without Boundaries in Workplace by Facebook - Egnyte Blog

If you use Workplace with multiple companies and teams, our customizable file permissions make secure collaboration simple, so you can work with peace of mind.Best of all, there’s no need to worry about conflicts with document versions or multiple repositories. Files stay accessible from your favorite collaboration platform and secure in Egnyte. We’re all about making things easy.Enable this integration and start collaborating with Egnyte Connect and Workplace today!

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