Celebrating Diversity

What does celebrating diversity mean to you? Given June is Diversity Month, we thought this would be a great question to pose to our Egnyters. We’re proud to be cultivating a diverse workforce throughout our global offices. It’s refreshing to have people of all ages, races and from different parts of the world contribute to our organization. We know it’s crucial to not only embrace diversity but to celebrate it, too.Some thoughts from our Egnyters:Diversity is a word that alludes to a very valuable component of every environment established in the universe. The product of diversity is that of a dynamic, progressing, rich world that removes the validation anyone's argument claiming that there is nothing to do and consequently they are suffering from boredom. There are complex cultures that can be explored across the world and with the invention of transportation and technology, these cultures are now accessible to us immediately whether through means such as our phones or even in a conversation with your co-worker who is tied to a different culture than your own. Without diversity, the relationships, knowledge and unique opportunities tethered to this concept would be absent and make for a very bland world.-Rachael BachlerFor many tech companies, achieving true diversity has been a challenge. It is a difficult goal to achieve, but I see evidence that companies believe in the benefits of having a diverse workforce. Diversity brings different perspectives. It brings an enhanced business reputation within the community. And with regards to technology, it brings the ability to rise up and solve real problems for real people!-Errol HaywardThere’s so much out there to experience, and so many people to meet. I’ve had the benefit of making great friends with varying backgrounds throughout my life - experiencing new ways to celebrate, adding new foods to my flavor palette, and creating lifelong relationships I value greatly. Those relationships helped shape who I am today. Celebrating Diversity is celebrating life.-Jake HerresThere are so many things we can learn from each other and Egnyte does a great job of recognizing everyone's stories. From Spark Spotlight posts to individuals bringing in some treats from another country, we all share our experiences with one another. That is a big way to celebrate diversity, in my opinion. I am very grateful to be able to work for such a diverse company that celebrates and embraces their employees' unique qualities.-Nicole Chuakay-Costa“Diversity” makes me think of people with disabilities and specifically my son.  He played on basketball (his love) and baseball teams with his brothers until his balance problems from Cerebral Palsy prevented him from making the team rosters.  He also noticed the stares of high school kids as he limped down the hallways.  He began to get depressed.  We tried other interests but he loves basketball and competing.  He signed up to be a Manager on the basketball team which he enjoyed but wasn’t enough.  Through an effort to include people with disabilities, high school track added a disability category for state competition.  A year later he finished in the 100 and 400 at state.  He also found ParaSports which exposed him to wheelchair basketball eventually earning a scholarship to play in college.  9 DI schools have teams and he went from not participating in something he loved to playing wheelchair basketball against Auburn, Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, and Arizona State!  Now he has set his sights on the Para Olympics and helping build the new EWU WB program.Through the work of great people promoting diversity, Tray has a full life and full future with amazing goals. Tray now mentors other kids with disabilities.  Now the gifts he has received from these diversity efforts are rippling to a wider circle of people. (Pic is his Hoop Fest team 2016-Tray on left) -Dan Dwyer

Celebrating Diversity- Egnyte Blog

Diversity means learning from those with different perspectives, different life experiences, and different challenges they face in their long walk of life. It's too easy to be siloed in your safe space without proper perspective. There are ~7 billion people on this planet and I probably know 500 of them. Diversity, inclusion, and acceptance are the only ways that this country and this world will be able to achieve peace and sustainability in the decades, centuries and eons moving forward.-Peter SowardsI celebrate diversity by challenging stereotypes that I see in the media or hear in everyday conversations. It’s important to me that my daughter grows up questioning what she sees online or on TV and takes the time to learn the facts instead of following someone’s biases.-Amanda Hartman

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