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Envision Sales & Marketing Group is a real estate development sales and marketing services firm. Envision is responsible for all business affairs surrounding real estate development projects, ranging from construction management to legal issues. The company currently has two offices located in Raleigh, NC and three additional development project locations. There are currently four full-time employees and several contract employees who work remotely. Projects that Envision manages range from $1 million to over $25 million and are in both the commercial as well as residential space.


With multiple project locations and a distributed contractor workforce, Envision was challenged with having the ability to share large sets of data in one central place. Due to the nature of Envision's business, enormous amounts of documents (Spreadsheets, PDF's, etc.) must be e-mailed back and forth between business partners. Envision was finding it difficult to keep track of where documents were, and who within the company had the most current version.

After an office fire came close to damaging an on-site file server, the company quickly realized that on-site backup storage alone was a liability. Envision wanted and needed a storage, collaboration and backup solution that was both on-site and cloud-based.

The Solution

Envision began testing out different cloud file servers such as, Dropbox and Carbonite. Although these services offered a basic cloud-based solution, it wasn't until the company discovered Egnyte's Enterprise Local Cloud that they had their "a-hah moment." The hybrid-cloud solution has allowed Envision's workforce to easily share high-volume data at incredibly fast speeds while maintaining data security and regular backup.

Howard Jacobson and the Envision team now use Egnyte to share data across multiple office and project locations and they value the capabilities provided by Egnyte's hybrid cloud offering. Howard mentioned that with other offsite solutions, you couldn't seamlessly browse the network like you can with Egnyte's Local Cloud solution.

Currently, Envision has about 10-12 Egnyte users and Howard considers it to be a best practice for the daily running of business operations.

Key Benefits

  • Saves an extraordinary amount of time in searching for updated versions of files
  • Envision has a higher degree of data security and assurance
  • The company has saved a significant amount of money in technology administration

When asked to sum up the benefits and experience with Egnyte, Howard Jacobson offers:

"What I like best about Egnyte is the anywhere access to my information at the highest possible speed. Wherever I am, Egnyte gives me the fastest access to a document or a spreadsheet and is always a reliable solution. No matter what my location is I simply sit down, mount the drive and it's there."

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