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With our recent move to a brand new Silicon Valley headquarters, international sales expansion and growing global customer base and partner ecosystem, the last few months at Egnyte have been a dizzying blur of activity. Whether sprinting to the next meeting, the next state or across the world, we find ourselves constantly on the move… in airports, hotels and most recently in London to launch our EMEA headquarters. We are mobile and our everyday workflow is evolving to keep up with the frenetic pace of business that is increasingly done through mobile devices.

Always on the Go with Egnyte - Egnyte blog

To that end, Egnyte has made major investments in mobile apps and integrations to help ease access, creation, editing and management of content. And, not only are we updating our Egnyte mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, we are also rapidly evolving a veritable trove of technology and developer relationships that are resulting in new mobility experiences built on top of our enterprise file-sharing platform.Creating and editing Microsoft Office documents on the go is not just convenient; it’s often a necessity when we don’t have access to a laptop, and we’re up against deadlines to deliver content. Of the several options to do this with Egnyte, I personally prefer HopTo because this integration enables me to create and edit multiple Word and Excel documents at the same time using tabs, all in an elegant and intuitive user interface that provides seamless integration with my Egnyte content. I can even run PowerPoint presentations from my iPad, which is perfect for all the ad hoc demos I often need to deliver for customers, partners or at events.On the Egnyte Business Development team, we review and execute dozens of contracts each month. And although we love to ink deals with our partners, contract negotiation and legal wrangling is my least favorite part of the job. And once a contract is finalized, the signature process has historically been a painful end to an already agonizing experience. Printing hard copies of contracts, chasing down signatures, scanning and emailing copies for counter-signature… in our mobile world, there are few workflows that seem more archaic. Enter DocuSign. Using the DocuSign Ink mobile app integration with Egnyte, I can now initiate contract signatures from my iPhone or iPad, which saves everyone time and stress around getting deals signed before a deadline.We are also investing in mobile app integrations that optimize workflows across specific vertical market segments. Construction, for example, is an area where Egnyte has a massive and growing installed base due to the uniqueness and relevance of our hybrid architecture. FotoIN Mobile offers an image management solution, which dramatically reduces the friction for field workers to tag, annotate, upload and share photographs using Egnyte. We ourselves enjoyed the benefits of this integration recently; this was a handy tool for project managers at Egnyte who collaborated with our general contractor during the construction of our new corporate headquarters in Mountain View earlier this year.These are just a few examples of partners who have successfully built mobile apps using Egnyte. We expect to add at least 100 new apps over the course of this year with a specific focus on mobility, security, content generation and enterprise workflows that apply horizontally across the market as well as within key verticals, such as AEC and healthcare. As our lives become increasingly mobile, Egnyte and its partner ecosystem have risen to meet the challenges of getting business done, wherever, whenever and however it happens.Interested in learning more about our integrations? Check them out here.*Bart Giordano is an enterprise technology executive with more than 15 years of experience in systems and software engineering, marketing and business development across the information security, wireless and cloud landscapes. He is currently Sr. Director of Business Development for Egnyte’s enterprise file-sharing platform. Be sure to follow him on Twitter: @bgiordan.

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