A Milestone in the Egnyte Journey

Today marks another major milestone for Egnyte. Since our founding in 2007 we have set our sights on partnering with organizations to improve workflows by offering the most choice and focusing on being enterprise-first.

In the early days of Egnyte the idea of the cloud was not yet mainstream. While some visionaries were betting the cloud would radically alter how data moves in and out of organizations and disrupt long-established technology players, this was not yet accepted as a foregone conclusion. For our part, we took the path of hybrid, urging companies to embrace the cloud, but do so at a pace they are comfortable with, all the while betting on the fact organizations will continue to demand choice between on-premises and cloud.In the video below I share my thoughts, and excitement, as Egnyte adds a new dimension of file services atop our award-winning file sharing solution.

Our promise to be ‘enterprise-first’ and offer businesses of all sizes the most choice when it comes to securely and easily sharing the data, information and insight that flows within an organization has not changed. Our vision and mission support this promise: we want to transform business through smarter content while empowering organizations to protect, connect and unlock value from all their content. These are the guiding principles of Egnyte – they drive all our efforts and future direction.Today, we announced the expansion of the Egnyte product portfolio. Our industry-leading EFSS solution will now be known as Egnyte Connect. It will remain our flagship smart content collaboration solution.We’re also announcing the availability of Egnyte Protect, our new smart content governance solution designed to help companies find, protect and manage content easily across repositories — even beyond Egnyte. We’re putting a stake in the ground with Egnyte Protect. We want to be known as the leader when it comes to Smart Content Governance – a pain point that’s costing companies $25 billion yearly.

A Milestone in the Egnyte Journey - Egnyte Blog
A Milestone in the Egnyte Journey - Egnyte Blog

Egnyte Protect started with an idea to turn insight into action. With Egnyte Protect we aim to deliver a true view into an organization’s users behavior when it comes to content. With Egnyte Protect we capitalize on our unique ability to follow a file from its creation, to when it is collaboratively edited or shared, to when and who consumes it. All the analytics we gathered and learned from our platform file usage have been integrated into our roadmap and are now offered back to our customers in ways that make them smarter about how they manage their content.With that, I’m extending a thank-you to our customers for not only being part of the Egnyte community, but informing us of the challenges you face, so we can tackle them head on alongside you. Learn more about Egnyte Connect here and Egnyte Protect here.

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